REPORT: United States Warned Sweden Of ‘Negative Consequences’ Over A$AP Rocky Prior To His Release

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The United States apparently wasn’t playing games at all with Sweden over A$AP Rocky’s arrest.

The American music icon was just cut loose from custody on Friday as he awaits the verdict of his assault case and quickly got the hell out of the country. There had been many arguing the USA should flex our muscles if necessary, and it sounds like that’s exactly what the government was willing to do if Rocky wasn’t ultimately released. (RELATED: Swedish Court Frees A$AP Rocky Until Verdict Announced, Donald Trump Says He’s ‘On His Way Home’)

“The government of the United States of America wants to resolve this case as soon as possible to avoid potentially negative consequences to the U.S.-Swedish bilateral relationship,” Amb. Robert O’Brien wrote to Swedish prosecutors prior to A$AP Rocky’s release, according to NBC News.

Some might think it’s overkill to threaten “negative consequences” to free an imprisoned rapper. I couldn’t disagree with that viewpoint more than I already do.

Rocky did everything to defuse the situation as he was being followed around by multiple people. Ultimately, it turned physical.

The fact he was even arrested at all was absurd.

Now, we have no idea what “negative consequences” would have been if it came to that, and it really doesn’t matter.

All that matters is America has the stomach to do whatever is necessary to protect our citizens. If the Swedes want a fight, then we’ll give them one.

We simply can’t let governments essentially kidnap our citizens. We just can’t let it happen. I was okay with military strikes, and I stand by that belief.

If you’re going to imprison Americans unfairly, then don’t be surprised when the Navy SEALs show up to rescue him.

Let’s all be thankful it didn’t come to that, but I’m glad to know America was ready to escalate the situation if it was necessary.