San Diego City Council president calls for moratorium on scooters

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SAN DIEGO — Less than a month after new dockless device regulations took effect in the city of San Diego, City Council President Pro Tem Barbara Bry is calling for a moratorium on the scooters.

The public has seen the rules broken repeatedly in the last several weeks. Scooters have been spotted going far too fast for areas like the boardwalk, which now have strict speed restrictions. Scooters have been left laying around, instead of in designated corrals, only to eventually have to be impounded by the city.

“We shouldn’t have to do this. The companies are supposed to be behaving. This is their job,” said Bry.

Regulations are being blatantly ignored, despite threats from the city and even the mayor himself for dockless device companies to straighten up, which is why Bry believes we should get rid of them altogether.

“I think the city needs to take action. This is a hazard for our visitors and for our residents and public safety is our No. 1 responsibility,” said Bry.

Bry wants to put operations on hold until the companies and the city reach a compromise that will properly address safety of the public and also limit the amount of scooters each company is allowed to have operating within the city of San Diego.

More than 3,000 scooters were scooped up during Comic-Con weekend alone, only to end up piled up at an impound yard.

“This is an environmental hazard,” said Bry, “and we need to be able to address all of this if we’re going to allow the scooters in San Diego.”

As for what’s next, the mayor could impose the moratorium or Bry would have to take it to council, which she plans to do come September.