Seattle Art Fair 2019! 1st interview of the Season–Erica Reich of ON THE BOARDS!

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This year’s Art Fair has been amazing!  A place to see old friends, make new contacts, buy some art and to only a slightly lesser extent than in years past–a chance to see what kinds of art is being made around the world.  This year’s fair is leaner and possibly even meaner, but we’ll talk about that a little later.

I was lucky enough to speak to a bunch of different people about the state of the arts.  Today–to start things off– I spoke with Erica Reich of ON THE BOARDS an amazing organization specializing in Performance Art an area, in which Seattle is blazing many trails!

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(On a side note, all apologies–I meant to get this out on Friday, but my computer recently died and with it the old movie editor that I used to use–so I spent the last two days teaching myself Premiere Pro–I so happy that at long last I got this out!)

Xavier Lopez Jr