SHOCK VIDEO: Biden Signs Executive Orders But There Is No Evidence He Has Any Idea What He’s Signing

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What a clown show.  Joe Biden, signed a number of  Executive Orders last week but there is no evidence he has any idea what he was signing.

Joe Biden signed 15 Executive Orders on Wednesday alone, his first day in office.  These orders involved providing billions of US taxpayer money ‘to tackle the climate crisis’, preventing discrimination ‘on the basis of gender identity’, and forcing federal workers to wear masks for months.

Per the official register only nine Orders have so far been recorded, all from January 20:

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Biden’s first Executive Orders were very unpopular popular, further distancing Biden from average Americans who already believe he stole the 2020 election based on evidence of election fraud.

In one signing below, Biden was gingerly handed documents from Kamala Harris, his Vice President while Democrats Schumer and Pelosi looked on.  Alongside the Democrats were Republican leaders Blunt and McCarthy.

The entire one-minute signing in the video below is hard to watch due to all the really evil actions that led to this signing:

[embedded content]

Biden appeared to not really know where he was.  Everyone around him appeared to stand at attention hoping he wouldn’t wander off or forget how to sign his name.

This entire clown show was brought to you by a number of corrupt actors that engaged in arguably the most egregious fraud in history.  The nightmare is just starting.

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