Sinaloa: 60 Criminal Murders in April, Wave Of Violence Continues; 50% in Culiacán

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The state’s health contingency, as a consequence of the COVID-19 outbreak, could have been a factor in reducing the criminal acts. However, murders against women increased, since in March there were zero cases; but this time around , in April, they added four. 

There were just over half a dozen municipalities where intentional homicides left no victims, including Guasave, Sinaloa. 

The month of ended with 60 intentional homicides, according to journalistic files, that are known.

To the south:

With regard to the southern part of the state, Mazatlán, Rosario, San Ignacio and Escuinapa, six crimes were committed in April: five in Mazatlán and one in San Ignacio. 
Among the most bloody events is the murder of 46-year-old Victor N., which occurred on April 5, who was gunned down the first of the same month, in the Valles del Ejido neighborhood, and had been transferred to a private port hospital for your medical care; however, after four days, a group of armed men entered the hospital, and shot him dead.
Another event that also caused a commotion was on April 4, also in the port, because at approximately 02:00 that day a group of people on board a truck threw the body of a man who was identified as Franco N ., 25, who was left dead on the side of the road, outside the entrance of a coffee distribution company.
The body was face up and with blood in the body. According to the report, he was beaten and shot to death.
In the middle of a corn plot that some peasant women were tracking, the body of an individual in a complete state of decomposition was found, which could not be identified because he did not carry an identification document that referred to his person. 
Shortly before 1:00 p.m. yesterday, people from the countryside were carrying out tracking work on the site, and when they reached their midpoint they were unpleasantly surprised to see what appeared to be a person’s body.
By getting off the tractor and getting closer, they were able to confirm that they were indeed the decomposing remains of a man . The body lay facedown and naked.

Then they went to the town to notify the authorities, who minutes later arrived at the site to verify what was said. 

Police Preventives, who were the first respondents, notified the State Attorney General’s Office to send their staff and take over the case.
The finding was recorded west of the vicinity of the town of El Limón de los Ramos, belonging to the Adolfo López Mateos syndicate, El Tamarindo.

Downtown Sinaloa:
More than 50 % of crimes month after month are committed in the state capital, being the municipality with the most population, according to what was mentioned by security sources. 
In the first fortnight, the violent day began with a murder for alleged quarrel in the Los Angeles sector , and continued with a double intentional homicide in the Costa Rican syndicate. 
On days 9 to 11, executions were recorded, despite being the Holy Week of Easter, although it should be noted that these dates were not like previous ones, where the agglomeration of people was seen in various recreational areas for the holidays.
One of these violent acts was in the Potrero de los Sánchez Zapotillo town , in the municipality of Mocorito. Hualterio, Jacobo and Ricardo died in the middle of Holy Saturday.

By 18, in Culiacán, a young employee of a seafood restaurant was shot to death when an individual reportedly arrived and began shooting at her. He died in a private hospital, and in this way added the first female person who died at the hands of criminals. 

Two days later, in an invaded area of ​​the Renato Vega Amador neighborhood, two men were killed inside a humble house. 

On Rómulo de la Vega street, half a block from Obregón in the Francisco I. Madero neighborhood, a man was attacked with gunshots when he arrived at his home aboard a blue Honda Civic, being badly injured.

The injured person was helped by neighbors by transferring him to a hospital; the assault was also reported to the authorities.

Police Preventives attached to the sector moved to the scene and, upon confirming the attack, delimited the perimeter, since on the ground they located more than 6 percussion caps with short weapons, which hit the glass on the driver’s side.
Navolato was also a mayor’s office that, although it did not add a considerable number of fatalities, one of the cases occurred in the community of La Platanera, on the 25th. This person was lying on the side of a drain, and was also under a leafy poplar. Those responsible for murdering him shot him with a heavy-caliber weapon. 
By the 27th, two young men appeared lifeless aboard a car in the Santa Fe sector , in Culiacán. 
In the Évora region, on April 12, a subject was killed with large-caliber weapons on the banks of the Mexico 15 highway, in the Pericos syndicate, Mocorito, in the area of ​​the cruise to Badiraguato.
His name was Daniel O., 40 years old, who was at the roadside posts when he was attacked by an armed group. Apparently he tried to flee, but was hit by bullets, falling down the road until he was lifeless. 
The next violent event of the month in Évora was recorded on the afternoon of April 18, in the Magisterio neighborhood, in the city of Guamúchil, where an individual was shot to death outside the building where a truck power station was located, on Francisco Avenue. I. Madero, corner with Guadalupe Victoria street.
The man was transferred to the General Hospital still alive, but was unable to save himself due to the injuries he suffered. The victim was identified as Sergio N., around 60 years old. 
Finally, on April 30, a feminicide was registered in the community of Álamo de los Montoya , Salvador Alvarado, because a man, apparently in a fit of jealousy, shot his wife with a .22 caliber rifle, with which he then took his own life, and wounded his own minor daughter, then fled. The murdered woman was identified as Faviola N., 30 years old.

Persons Criminally / Violently
murdered in April, 2020


North of the state:
During the month of April, eight murders were registered in the northern area: four occurred in the municipality of Choix, three in Ahome and one in El Fuerte. It should be noted that no femicide was registered, as happened in the month of February. 
On the night of April 1, in the municipality of Choix, several civilians were shot , and the result was two deaths. 
The shooting caused state police, military and elements of the National Guard to implement various surveillance routes throughout the municipality, but the crimes continued to happen, and on the night of April 16, in the community of El Pajarito, Choix, the 9-1-1 emergency service received a call to report another gunshot murder.
The victim was identified as Dolores N. While on April 25, in the vicinity of the community of Santa Ana, Choix, they found Guadalupe F. executed. 
In the municipality of Ahome, one of the victims died from blows, another was shot and the third from stab wounds. 
In the case of the homicide that occurred in El Fuerte, it was by shooting a firearm.
Without results:
During the month of April, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) did not announce any results of possible perpetrators of committing at least one of the crimes that were perpetrated in April.
The tally of criminal homicides in May is expected to exceed that of April.

Los Rastreadores Keep on Working, tirelessly:
The volunteer contingent of Searchers and Rakers from various groups keep on working despite Covid 19 restrictions and may actually have more time for the hideous task of searching, looking for the remains of loved ones or possible clues in their disappearances; ie closure for so many families, especially mothers; who make up most of the members of Community associations who dedicate themselves to the horrendous task.

Los Mochis, Sinaloa: Members of the Rastreadores de Fe y Esperanza  ( THE RAKERS) group located this Tuesday a human skeleton buried in a clandestine grave in the vicinity of La Robalera beach.

The discovery was made after an anonymous call received by the search collective led by Mario Higuera Cota. Due to the conditions in which the victim was located, it is assumed that he has been deceased for about 2 years.

Just yesterday, May 19:
Three bodies were found on dirt road in Tepuche, Culiacán.
The bodies were found on a dirt road in the Tepuche syndicate, it is presumed that they could be people taken / kidnapped during the past Sunday.

At the moment they are reporting the discovery of three bodies on a dirt road that leads from Tecolote to Caminaguato, in the Tepuche syndicate area.

It is presumed that the remains of these three people could be “Macario”, and another subject nicknamed  “Doll”, as well as a third party whose identity is unknown.

They were allegedly deprived of their liberty on Sunday morning, when several uprisings of people were carried out in the Tepuche syndicate, including an active investigative police officer, his brother-in-law and one more, who were released hours later , one of them with a bullet injury.

Authorities are currently moving to the place where the finding is reported to investigate the scene of the findings.


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