Snapchat launches ‘Swipe Up to Call’ feature exclusively for Middle East users

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Snapchat has launched Swipe Up to Call, a feature exclusive to users in the Middle East, to make it easier for customers to contact businesses on the platform. Swipe Up to Call allows customers to make a direct phone call with a business they see advertised on Snapchat with no additional fee. 

This is in response to the cultural preference in the Middle East to call a business directly, rather than visiting a website or filling in an online form, to learn more about a product or service advertised on Snapchat. The Swipe Up to Call feature is now available to all Snapchat advertisers in the Middle East, who can test it for as little as USD 20 per day.

Saudi Telecom Company and Zain Group are among the first advertisers to take advantage of Swipe Up to Call.