Staying Safe in Sin City: The Top Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Traveling to Las Vegas

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Traveling to Las Vegas

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… or at least, that’s the goal.

In other words, you wouldn’t want a trip to Sin City costing you consequences that you’ll have to deal with when you get back home.

While Las Vegas is undeniably one of the most enjoyable places to visit, it’s important to stay prepared and alert to certain situations.

Here are the top safety tips you’ll want to be aware of while traveling to Las Vegas.

Top Safety Tips for Traveling to Las Vegas

Consider these 5 safety tips as you prepare for your visit and put them to good use during your stay!

Beware the Art of the Pickpocket

It’s no secret that Vegas is filled with pickpockets waiting to swipe your belongings when you least expect it. Some are so clever that they can steal even IF you’re on high alert for them.

That’s why it’s better to take precautions; they’re looking for the easiest way of stealing, so if you make it difficult for them, they’ll move on to someone else.

Invest in clothing that has inside pockets you can keep your belongings in during your stay.

It’s also a nifty trick to wrap a few rubber bands around your wallet, so that it sticks to the walling in your pockets and tougher to take out.

Keep the Contact Flowing

Communication is key during your stay in Sin City. Always keep your friends and family updated where you’re going so they are constantly in the loop.

Even if you’re taking a brief stroll to the slot’s downstairs in your hotel’s lobby, inform anyone you’re staying with of where you intend on going.

That way they’ll know where they can find you if they need to check in or start to get worried.

Should anything take place, know that you can reach out to these trusted experts for guidance on how to take action.

Avoid Any Suspicious Person or Situation

This is obvious but is especially true for visiting Las Vegas.

Avoid any strangers trying to sell you things on the street and be exhaustive in learning where the best places are to park your car when you’re out and about.

There are a large number of scammers in Vegas trying to home in on tourists, don’t let yourself be one of them.

Do your research beforehand on which roads you should stick while walking around at night, and don’t veer off of them for any reason.

Mind Your Money on the Slots

If you’re planning on playing the slots at all, be safe with the money you win while you continue to play.

Keep any money that you win while playing as credit on the machine until you’re ready to cash out and walk away.

If you cash out as you go along, your susceptible to those thieves that try to grab loose change while you’re focused on other things (such as slot machines).

Don’t Keep Valuables in Your Hotel Room

If you have any valuables you can’t afford to lose, always keep them with you.

If the valuables aren’t necessarily something you can carry around all day, leave it with the front desk in your hotel until you return to ensure safekeeping.

Thieves and immoral hotel workers may try to sneak in while you’re out, don’t leave your valuables up to chance.

Be Safe but Remember to Have Fun!

Traveling to Las Vegas shouldn’t scare you, it should excite you! After all, you’re going to one of the most individualistic cities in the world.

Be sure to keep your wits about you during your stay and use your instincts to decide what to do and when.

Have fun exploring Las Vegas and remember… once you’ve been to Las Vegas, you’ll always want to go back!

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