Suspended Las Vegas lawyer’s ex-boyfriend gets 2nd sentence

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The ex-boyfriend of a suspended Las Vegas defense attorney was sentenced Thursday for attempting to bring a cellphone into jail.

Andrew Arevalo, 28, and ex-girlfriend Alexis Plunkett were accused of trying to sneak a cellphone into the Clark County Detention Center. Plunkett has said she used the cellphone to make calls regarding bail, which she believed she was authorized to do.

Plunkett pleaded guilty to one count and was sentenced to three years’ probation. Arevalo was sentenced twice this week — first on Wednesday for drug and weapons charges and again on Thursday for the cellphone charge.

Arevalo was sentenced to 12 to 30 months in prison in the cellphone case, and will serve it concurrently with a sentence of four to eight years for being a felon in possession of a firearm and possessing a controlled substance.

He and Plunkett met when she represented him in a lawsuit against the Nevada Department of Corrections beginning in 2014. Arevalo was blinded in one eye when he was struck by buckshot fired by a prison guard.

In January, after the couple split, a judge refused to send Plunkett to jail for an obscenity-laced group message to friends from law school claiming that she had arranged to have Arevalo killed in prison.

Arevalo completed the Hope for Prisoners program last year. At his graduation, he said he planned to return to Narcotics Anonymous, attend a paralegal program at UNLV and turn his life around. He was taken into custody again afterward when he tested positive for methamphetamine, violating the conditions of his house arrest.

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