Tariff-free  access will wake Africa’s economic slumber

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EDITOR — THE Chinese bamboo is an amazing tree. Its seed stays underground for five years without germinating, but when it does, it grows 50 feet in one week. 

What is important is not how long it delays but how fast it grows. 
Don’t give up on your dreams on Africa no matter how long it stays underground. 

It’s a matter of time, you need the staying power.
The Chinese bamboo seed lies underground waiting for the right time to shoot out. 

Africa, once dubbed the black continent, has started emitting light. No situation is permanent. 

Africa needs the citizens to focus on future generations. Who is going to stand up and say I am ready to rebuild Africa?
Previously, Africa had been failing to realise economic growth, this was mainly caused by inaccessibility to information by Africans who are supposed to effectively take part in their economies. 

Now an average African can access vital economic information through the increased use of technology in economic and business affairs. 

This has closed the gap between the African economies and the rest of the world.

Ten years ago, it was almost impossible for an ordinary African to communicate with the rest of the world.
These ordinary citizens are now empowered and have become the drivers of the economy. 

Without a doubt such massive economic participation by ordinary citizens is a guarantee of a massive economic turnaround in Africa.

His Excellency Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda, once said: “In Africa today, we recognise that trade and investments and not aid are major pillars of development.”
Ordinary Africans have for long been seen as people in need of donations. This was mainly because of passive economic participation.

However, people in Africa are now active in the economy; they are now entrepreneurs instead of charity cases. This, therefore, rightfully supports and explains what Kagame meant when he said the above. 

The way to go is to believe in our capability and strategies for economic growth. 

Before laying the foundation, the first key to unlock is to believe.
Old Mutual group chief executive Julian Roberts said: “We wouldn’t be investing as much in the rest of Africa if we didn’t believe that Africa is going to be a success story in the next few decades.”

It’s true Africa will face economic difficulties here and there, but like every other economy in the world, it will recover and still grow.

“I have investments in 21 countries and despite the dwindling commodity prices and all the concerns being raised, my investments in Africa have not dwindled,” said Tony Elumelu, chairperson of Heirs Holdings.

I believe that Africa tariff-free access to a huge and unified market will encourage manufacturers and service providers to leverage economies of scale; an increase in demand will instigate an increase in production,  which in turn will lower unit costs. 

Consumers will pay less for products and services as businesses expand operations and hire additional employees.

We look to gain more industrial and value-added jobs in Africa because of intra-African trade.

Africa’s greatest resource is its young people, with their energy, creativity, and resilience. 

The 21st century could produce an African renaissance if governments and their development partners prioritise in investing in people, especially the youth. 

Ensuring that Africa’s youthful population is healthy, educated and well-equipped for the future is the best way to eradicate poverty in Africa and contribute to the world’s stability and prosperity.

Although economic liberalisation in Africa’s economies is greater than ever before, there are signs that many have reached a “freedom plateau” where they will remain unless and until third-generation economic reforms are implemented. 

All that is needed are policies which will never be toxic for business regulation. 

Transparency is the cornerstone in nation-building. 
Many Life solutions are practical not intellectual but to adhere to the “Constitution”.