The 12 Songs of Arizona Christmas: Five Golden Rings

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Welcome to another edition of the “The 12 Songs of Arizona Christmas,” in which local stakeholders detail their most cherished holiday songs. Consider this a musical Advent calendar, where your “treat” is a better understanding of the interesting people and organizations from across the city and state.

Five Gold Rings

Jenny Melissa Rodriguez, Owner, Pure Life Jewelry

In another life, Jenny Melissa Rodriguez worked in marketing (full disclosure: she was employed at Phoenix New Times several years ago). Since 2013, she’s focused on Pure Life Jewelry, which is less about specific designs and more about “telling a story” via bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Rodriguez says that sometimes that message is about creativity or personal empowerment. Either way, her own story’s expanding with greater feats of craftsmanship, with a recent emphasis on wedding bands. It seems like quite the tale so far.

“The one song I can think of is ‘Carol of the Bells.’ The song just reminds me of family and the holidays so much. I grew up in choir and did it in elementary and junior high. I was a soprano, so I was stoked on life to be able to perform it. It’s such a complex song, and there are so many moving parts to it that you just don’t hear right away. When you’re singing it as a soprano, it’s really challenging to have to hit all those high notes. When you do finally learn it, it’s just so fun to see it come together. I’m the kind of person who is always up for the challenge. With my jewelry, I’ve had people say, ‘Why don’t you make these pieces and you could make so much more money?’ To me, all the money in the world doesn’t matter if you lose your craftsmanship.”

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