The best suburban restaurants of Puget Sound

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What a way to enjoy your these summer days

Published 9:27 am PDT, Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Summer in Seattle typically leaves you with a bit more of a spring in your step. Sure, the latter parts of our summers have become clogged by wildfire smoke and unbearable heat (sometimes both at once).

But the first part — well, that’s classic Seattle: When the sun is out, and the thermometer hits a certain temperature (not too hot, but more than enough for us to pull out the shorts) everyone in Seattle is just a little bit more chipper.

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Which, in turn, makes Seattleites a little more bold. The sun sets later, the evenings seem to stretch on forever. We’re all ready to venture a little further than our neighborhood watering hole, and find some place new to eat and explore.

And while you may not be able to make a whole trip out of it, there’s plenty of good spots in Puget Sound’s mid-size cities and suburbs to check out.

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We asked staffers and readers to give us their favorite restaurants and bars in the Puget Sound areas throughout these sorts of areas — after all, there’s typically more than Red Robin and an Olive Garden in these cities.

Click through the list above to see if you can find some new spots to hit on a sunny night out.