The Criminal Terror That Grips Mexico is Linked to Organized Crime

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The kidnapping and confrontation that occurred at the Los Otates restaurant in Andares is linked to organized crime, according to the Prosecutor Gerardo Octavio Solís. The name of the man who was kidnapped in that place on Monday, February 8, is still unknown.

Clashes like this are common throughout the country. And there is no clear strategy to combat organized crime that not only does its thing in Jalisco. But in various states of Mexico where the lack of action from Federal Forces is notorious.

Since the beginning of the Andrés Manuel López Obrador administration. Violence has grown considerably, violent homicides doubled. And Mexico became hostage to organized crime when the military detained Ovidio Guzmán in Culiacán.

That event left a precedent for criminal groups to spread terror throughout the country, because the President decided to fight organized crime with his hugs and not gunshots campaign. He chose  to free Ovidio Guzmán and with it the demons that plague the country.

The excuse was that he would keep the peace. However, this didn’t come, the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación expanded to other territories such as Guanajuato and Michoacán. Sates that suffered a reduction of troops of the Armed Forces by decision of the President.

While the Sinaloa Cartel waged an internal war that left several dead, new organizations disguised as self-defense groups emerged in Michoacán, the Northeast Cartel carried out several massacres, as did the Gulf Cartel. 

The states have been hostages of organized crime because whoever is in charge of fighting it. And has the appropriate weapons to confront has been sidetracked with other tasks. The Army ceased to be the protector of security for the citizenry. And instead began to build airports or carry out patrols .

The mismanagement of the Armed Forces is evident in that the only achievement after the arrest of Ovidio Salazar was the capture of “El Cholo” leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel. There have been no more blows to crime. Meanwhile, the cartels continue to spread terror in the streets across the country.

Regarding the shooting that occurred in the Andares area in Zapopan, the National Guard was willfully ignorant and didn’t respond to the alert call. Despite the fact that they have adequate weapons to confront organized crime, proof of this was when they repelled an attack in the Colonia Lázaro Cárdenas in Guadalajara.

The violence that exists in Jalisco is not isolated from the national issue and from the omissions of the Federal Government. Although it’s up to each individual State to prevent crime, make arrests, as well as participate in high-risk operations. It falls on the Federal Forces to fight organized crime.

The President of Mexico promised to fight organized crime in Jalisco, Colima and Guanajuato. But considered that only with his presence would he end the crime “I am going to support the people with my presence,” he said. Thus far everything remains in spoken promises .


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