Things to do in New York: Jars by Dani founder Dani Beckerman shares her favorite NYC spots

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Life is sweet for Dani Beckerman. Literally. After creating a dessert to impress friends at a dinner party that people couldn’t stop oohing and aahing over on Instagram (the true seal of approval for anything in life) the millennial Beckerman, who had been to culinary school, realized she had something big on her hands back in 2013.

The one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted desserts came in a jar and the culinary school trained entrepreneur was making them all out of her tiny apartment kitchen and delivering them herself. She managed to catch the eye of some big businesses including Diane von Furstenberg, Helmut Lang, Tiffany & Co and Hearst. The jars are often featured at parties, doled out as party gifts or passed around as the perfect sweet snack. 

Cut to the creation of the multi-layered Jars by Dani, now available nationwide with a 60k strong Instagram following. Beckerman has since collaborated with brands including by Chloe, Microsoft, Magnolia and, as of this summer, Talenti. As part of their 16th-anniversary celebration, you can now select one of the Jars by Dani featuring Talenti ice cream layered in for that extra bit of deliciousness. However, they are limited edition – so get your order in before summer is over. 

Insider caught up with the New Yorker to find out where she is when she’s not ‘gramming her delicious desserts. The entrepreneur spends much of her time in the Hamptons, dines at Omikase and works out constantly at some of the city’s coolest spots. 

Here’s how she keeps cool in the summer (besides eating ice cream) and gets it all done. 

Dani Beckerman and her husband at home in Brooklyn (Courtesy Dani Beckerman)

Where is home? 

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn! I love it so much.

What is your preferred mode of transportation in the city?

Subway or Uber, depending on if I’m feeling fancy or lazy.

How about in the Hamptons?

Renting a car for the weekend. Preferably a Wrangler!

What is your go-to drink spot in the city?

Bringing a bottle of wine to our park – Pier 6. Looks over the city and water and is just heavenly. 

Nutella jars (Courtesy Dani Beckerman)

Where do you go when you need to get work done in the city?

My kitchen! We are based in Long Island City and I have a large kitchen and offices. If I need to be in New York City, I go to Soho House. 

What is your work uniform?

Workout clothes. Always.

(Courtesy Dani Beckerman)

What are the best streets for taking a stroll and window shopping in the city? In the Hamptons?

I honestly never shop out there. I don’t find it such a leisurely activity, and my husband really does not enjoy it. And I prefer not to leave his side on the weekends. 

Which shops do you hit up on a weekly basis?


Where do you like to exercise or what do you do for exercise?

I love SLT, Box and Flow, Flex, and then just the everyday running around doing everything!

What is the best meal you’ve had in New York City?

Omakase Room.