Three Zetas Vieja Escuela members sentenced to 50 years for kidnapping

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Three members of the Zetas Vieja Escuela (ZVE) criminal group were sentenced to 50 years in prison for the kidnapping of Francisco Guerrero Silva, 36, a Nuevo Leon businessman. Guerrero was kidnapped in Linares, Nuevo Leon, last year and found dead in Padilla, Tamaulipas. He was a well-known citrus farmer who ran a company that produced/sold oranges in northern Mexico.

The prosecution was able to prove that the three individuals, Daniel Humberto “B”, Rafael “G” y Saúl “G”, were guilty of organizing and carrying out Guerrero’s kidnapping. However, they were not found guilty of his murder. As part of their sentence, they will have to pay half a million pesos (about US$25,000) in reparations and MXN$322,000 (about US$16,000) in fines.

These three suspects worked under ZVE boss Roberto Garcia Tinajero (alias ‘El Pariente’). Although imprisoned in Nuevo Leon since 2014, investigators said that El Pariente ran a large kidnapping and extortion scheme in central Tamaulipas. El Pariente’s son Roberto Garcia Gatica, his girlfriend Angela Pecina Gaytan, and grandson Gibran Aldair García Torres are also involved with the ZVE in this area.

They were based in El Barretal, a rural community in Hidalgo Municipality, where El Pariente is from. El Barretal is a strategic corridor for organized crime groups because it has a highway that connects Ciudad Victoria, the state capital, with the state of Nuevo Leon. It is about a three hour drive from Monterrey, one of the largest cities in Mexico.

In October 2017, the ZVE kidnapped Guerrero’s father Jorge. He was killed by his captors after his family paid a ransom. Despite the violence, Guerrero continued to run his citrus company up until his kidnapping and death in March 2020.

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