Top 5 films: best of the big screen

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MIRACLE IN MILAN (100 minutes) Unrated

After making the defining film of the neo-realist movement in Bicycle Thieves, director Vittorio de Sica and screenwriter Cesare Zavattini took a different view of urban poverty in their 1951 comic fairy tale, set in a shanty town where life is a never-ending carnival. Screens as part of the Italian Cine-Scapes series. Digitally projected. Palace Como, Sunday, September 1, 6pm.

AMAZING GRACE (88 minutes) G

When Aretha Franklin recorded the bestselling gospel album of all time in 1972, the process was documented by director Sydney Pollack (Tootsie), but it’s taken till now for the footage to come to light. As filmmaking it’s no great shakes, but there’s far more drama here than in most narrative movies, more sorrow and more joy. Selected.

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