Valdosta Stadium Cinemas Modernizing Movie-Going

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By: Raquel Goddard

VALDOSTA, Ga. – Valdosta Stadium Cinemas has been an integral part of life in Valdosta for years, bringing locals to the movies and movies to the locals.

As of recently Valdosta Cinemas is giving its attendees even more of a reason to go to the movies.

Valdosta Cinemas has upgraded its facility by adding a new GTX theater, new self-serve ticket kiosks and an expanded concession stand with DIY options, that promises to change the way we go to the movies.

Valdosta Stadium Cinemas is modernizing the movie-going experience with new features

The owners of Valdosta Cinemas have taken auditoriums 5 and 6 and converted them into a single GTX theater with a 70-foot wide screen.The brand new GTX theater feels more like a stadium than a movie theater by offering movie goers reclinable seats and spacious aisles between them, that allow you to walk through the theater with ease. This theater has a wider capacity than any previous auditorium, holding up to 257 seats.

These renovations have proven profitable, according to Valdosta Cinema’s General Manager, Jim Cody, who has stated that these changes came about from a desire to keep up with more modern trends, encouraging more people to go to the movies in this age of streaming. Accommodations such as reserved seats and the ability to recline while watching a film, have been changing the movie-watching experience throughout recent years. 

Watching a film on such a large scale immerses the viewer even further into the movie. This was the case when I recently watched “Spiderman: Far from Home.” When sitting in the new theater it was hard not to feel relaxed and unbothered by the other guests in the theater. The latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is brought to a whole new level in this cutting-edge theater.

With the demise of the Dollar Theater, Valdosta Cinema is not only the only movie theater in Valdosta, it is also the only movie theater in approximately a 45-mile radius. It is no surprise that people from all across the Florida-Georgia line travel to our local movie theater in order to enjoy new releases. Now that this movie theater has evolved into a more captivating place to spend Friday nights, it will likely draw in an even larger crowd than before.

This is just the start of the movie theater’s many alterations because in about a month and a half, they will be modifying every theater so that they all possess reclinable seats as well. From the revamped concession stand to the brand new theater, this updated facility promises to make a more enjoyable movie going experience for all.